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y2.d49 | if i could, i would be smoke.

Some awesome smoking effects on brain images: y2.d49 | if i could, i would be smoke. Image by B Rosen and I’d float myself out of here… this is inspired by this killer Tristan Prettyman tune. i am psyched to study that following a year off, she back writing music… iv been a fan for […] [...more]

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Awesome Synthetic Marijuana Side Effects pictures

Examine out these synthetic marijuana side effects images: [...more]

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Q&A: Are these marijuana side effects standard?

Question by : Are these marijuana side effects standard? Ok I’m 13 and smoked some pot that my buddy got me and I wasn’t sure if it might have been laced with a thing else since shortly following I smoked it I went up to my space sat down on my bed and BAM! It […] [...more]

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Newest K 2 Weed News

Synthetic Marijuana, or Fake Pot: What Is It, How Unsafe and Prevalent Is It? Synthetic marijuana, or fake pot, is a chemical compound is sold legally beneath the guise of herbal incense, specifically in smoke shops, convenience shops and gas stations, under such brand names as Spice, Galaxy Gold, Mr. Good Guy, K-two, fake weed, […] [...more]

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The Daily Caller: “Regulations, Not Criminal Prohibition, Best Address Concerns Regarding Cannabis”

Last week Charles Stimson, a senior legal fellow at the Washington, DC think tank The Heritage Foundation, took to the opinion pages of the conservative-leaning DC publication, The Daily Caller, to opine “why we shouldn’t legalize marijuana.” Stimson’s commentary predictably contained various inaccuracies and outright falsehoods — including the unfounded allegations that marijuana use inspires […] [...more]

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