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“All cannabis use is healthcare use?” Until finally the government steals our crops!

View this move “the Union” for a lot more insight. If Prop 19 was just before me right now, I would vote for it. I never like the taxation component of it, in that it would let for extreme taxation. I believe you are right about leaving that door broad open. However, municipalities are […] [...more]

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How is posh legal and marijuana isn’t?

Query by : How is posh legal and marijuana is not? Posh can close your airways and make your heart price 200 some thing and marijuana doesn’t do something to harm you. How in the world is this legal and marijuana not?? Posh has hazardous side effects but yet you can purchase it at a […] [...more]

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This Week in Weed: March 25th-31st

Click here to subscribe to NORMLtv and receive alerts whenever new content is added. The latest installment of “This Week in Weed” is now streaming on NORMLtv. This week in weed: This week in weed: a new study shows federal drug testing as inaccurate and two studies show marijuana’s positive benefits in treating HIV and […] [...more]

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Conserve money and get the best good quality herbal incense for sale

by Travis S. Report by Catlin Clinton Partying at weekends may not be the normal point for some but for some it really is like rejuvenation without which they can not strategy there week further. Some are party makers and some are get together goers. For the two of these to discover always something new […] [...more]

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Paul Lynde & Marijane Maricle – Children

Paul Lynde & Marijane Maricle – Kids from Bye Bye Birdie! (Unique Broadway Cast) Price: USD .99 View Facts about Paul Lynde & Marijane Maricle [...more]

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