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I have lately quit using moist smokeless tobacco. Is herbal snuff any greater?

Question by Truman: I have recently quit employing moist smokeless tobacco. Is herbal snuff any far better? i.e. Smokey Mountain which is tobacco free of charge. In attempting to quit, I have not experienced the nicotine withdraws, but I have knowledgeable the withdraws of possessing a “dip” in the left cheek. This is why I […] [...more]

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Q&A: If you smoke mad hatter by cloud 9 will it show up on a regular urine drug test?

Question by Jake: If you smoke mad hatter by cloud 9 will it display up on a typical urine drug test? I’ve heard that some herbal incense does show up but I’m not certain if this sort does? Greatest answer: Answer by BonYes. You are in Big trauble. Give your answer to this query beneath! […] [...more]

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Q&A: wholesale herbal smoke blends?

Question by dont_be_regular: wholesale herbal smoke blends? does anybody know a excellent wholesaler for herbal smoke blends? seeking for natural herbal smoke blends. employed for healing etc Ideal answer: Answer by mumtazno way toshi Know much better? Leave your own answer in the comments! [...more]

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Area Monkey Herbal Smoke

Who says no monkey business permitted? This is why NASA stopped utilizing space monkeys. They couldnt cease all the monkey business. [...more]

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What herbal/organic tablets and vitamins assists with impotence?

Question by USA: What herbal/all-natural pills and vitamins helps with impotence? I am 19 yrs old and I’m dealing with impotency problems. I’ve been consuming right, working out, not smoking, etc..but I still have this issue. I am not taking any medication so there isnt any side effects and please spare me the entire psychology […] [...more]

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