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Top five Smokeless Inhalers

5. iolite Portable Vaporizer (Purple) 4. iolite IEV-AP-001 Transportable Lime Green Vaporizer with three Pack Extended Mouthpiece and an Optimizer (Bonus Pack) 3. iolite Replacement Mouthpiece and Filling Chamber 2. iolite Little Extended Mouthpiece (3-Pack) 1. Zico I-torch Portable Vaporizer herbal chew,cease smoking,menthol inhalers,herbal chew pouches,inhaler quit smoking,inhaler to stop […] [...more]

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Q&A: Gonjah, K2, Spice, Zohai or Genine Herbal smoke VS Marijuana Weed Higher?

Question by Jay: Gonjah, K2, Spice, Zohai or Genine Herbal smoke VS Marijuana Weed High? Posted By: pothead5 @ 03/17/2010 1:32:34 PM “K2” a.k.a. “Spice,” “Genie,” “Zohai” and “Gonjah” are all hallucinogens, these horrible drugs are synthetic man-made compounds ( JWH-018 and JWH-073) . “K2 and all the other people trigger enhanced heart rate, loss […] [...more]

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‪Khmer Kid – Smoke WeeD (= not Cypress Hill =)‬‏ – Obtain ‘Good Weed’

Acquire ‘Good Weed’ here: buy marijuana on the web exactly where to acquire marijuana where can i obtain marijuana buy marijuana seeds how to purchase marijuana purchasing marijuana buying marijuana on the web purchase marijuana seeds on the web buy medicinal marijuana obtain medical marijuana obtain real marijuana how to… Video Rating: 5 / […] [...more]

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can consumers in a Indian restaurant smoke herbal hookah pipes beneath new smoking laws in England?

by Jan Krömer Query by stv m: can clients in a Indian restaurant smoke herbal hookah pipes under new smoking laws in England? Best answer: Answer by JudgeThe impact of the ban on public smoking (enacted in Scotland in 2006, and a equivalent ban set to take impact in England in July 2007) is not […] [...more]

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My roommate and I cannot smoke weed, what must we do?

Question by rocklobster07: My roommate and I can not smoke weed, what should we do? My roommate and I have random UAs for the next two months. We employed to smoke a lot of weed but we’re dedicated to quitting til this is all over. What are some soothing drugs/vitamins/herbal dietary supplements/etc that we can […] [...more]

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