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1st time smoking legal hydro spice goes wrong

Posted on 23 September 2013 by admin

1st time smoking on legal inscents named “hydro” gets zombied out.

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7 Responses to “1st time smoking legal hydro spice goes wrong”

  1. Isaac Figueroa says:

    Honestly I did this yesterday that’s why I looked this up and honestly it got me high as shit but that’s it and it dosent give you the munches it just makes you feel good but I only took 3 hits an I was coo so ism why alot of ppl are getting sick from this … Is it because you’re trying to smoke it like weed like how u can smoke all day of it and e coo Mmm idk ima be safe and stay high as fuck with 3 or 4 hits

  2. slim7thug says:

    Lol suck a dick Sean cooper haha

  3. Sean Cooper says:

    good ass friends bro. he lucky

  4. jonmontanaae says:

    He a zombie bro ahhhhh!

  5. alyssa trujillo says:

    u should let him lean over its gunna make him more like shit make him drink water next time u do this I’ve tried it suck the first time I did it

  6. imtheg00109 says:

    Nigga look cracked out

  7. Ethan Utley says:

    bad you dont understand lol its not because hes so high hes like that lol its his brain….i felt my brain bleed and i quit smokin spice lol im pro-marijuana all day


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