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100x Legal Herbal Incense Spice Review

Posted on 26 January 2014 by admin

Like my beats? Follow me on twitter- @SkyNomic Beatz Follow me on tumblr – SkyNomic Beatz…
Video Rating: five / five – Herbal Incense Blend that are much better than any other Herbal Smoking Blend with USA Legal Herbal Incense. Your direct USA b…
Video Rating: 4 / five

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34 Responses to “100x Legal Herbal Incense Spice Review”

  1. ghghgre3 says:

    would you recommend this over kronic ?

  2. soyouwonttoseegames says:

    Fishy face ass

  3. gimzawisoldier says:

    after a few mins have gone bye its starting to set in its shit but its a
    good alternative if u CANT smoke WEED no comparison though its like peewee
    and the NFL

  4. XxAsDesireFallsxX says:

    U see the Skull and Crossbones on the bottom left corner on the
    front….Its there for a reason…..

  5. Ironhouse1982 says:

    Cheap way to pass the high good shit. (but I wouldn’t do it everyday tho)

  6. gimzawisoldier says:

    rolled the whole pack into a blunt and it cost me like 7 bucks i sell it G
    its Garbage it doesnt get u high gives u headache it makes u feel high but
    just out of it Not like weeed! givess u that foggynes I smoke dabs all day
    fuck this garbage ass shit unless u cant get weed this shit is garbage the
    only thing it does is giving u the feeling of being high without all the
    good stuff like happy sleepy and hungry Shout out to my boy Katt Wiliams IF
    you got a job Ok if not than spark up WEED!!!

  7. PeeyanoKeys says:

    just picked this up a day ago for $15. not bad! I took a weed/incense break
    for about 3 weeks before and this was potent and long-lasting (1.5 hrs). I
    agree though real bud always wins in the long run over this incense but
    this is worth it if you’re a casual smoker

  8. PoopInMYCocunut says:

    badass beats bruh

  9. Howai Yung says:

    cool review what were some of the negatives effects you were experiencing
    with this ?

  10. The Medical Cannabis Review says:

    Still smoking spice?

  11. Mootedehh says:

    Over here in AZ, $8 for 5 grams of 10x Smoking Dragon gets you f**ked up.

  12. StereoSoundAgent says:

    im gone smoke this joint of Dina Diesel for you dude and pray for you, make
    the switch, when you get older move to a MMJ state. I Paid $10.77 today at
    Medicine Man in Denver CO for a fat 8th 3.7 of real legal weed. make the
    move man. this shit is acetone and chemicals sprayed on herbs. yes the same
    shit they used to remove paint!!! you’re smoking that homie. anyway. I’m
    not gonna hate because i smoked spice a year ago before i knew, I’m gonna
    smoke this j and pray for you bud. peace!

  13. kmkbone187 says:

    Nggha was so spicey hahah !!! .*.

  14. WalkandPeace says:

    Legal= I want your money and i dont care about your life just smoke
    chemicals Illegal (REAL BUD)= Real organic and gods gift to you 😀 FUCK
    THIS legal bullshit

  15. scooter1014x says:

    go to glassherbs dotcom

  16. milk cole says:

    4 grams of scooby snax for 15

  17. ART ISLIFE says:

    hey you should get 10x good shit and pretty cheap

  18. Robert Sharp says:

    Do not buy dreamz, they are a company posing as incense wholesalers that
    sell plain scented damiana leaf. It will be a waste of money and they will
    refuse to take your calls if you request a refund. Which is what every
    person who buys their products.

  19. yaezah says:

    w w w . canamos . c o m

  20. The PRoO says:

    Where can I place an order?

  21. C0DdieWehrmacht says:

    my favorites…big bang, voodoo herbal and dank herbal incense blends.

  22. Frost Hands says:

    OK I’ll try u guys out and order some incense blends

  23. john simmons says:

    Are you guys for real

  24. Brandon Barber says:

    incense 4 sale .com

  25. blackveil221 says:

    some of the best legal buds online, i found

  26. virebal says:

    Legal herb? Very interesting

  27. Mark Scott says:

    How do i buy it from ya? website??what I love the stuff.

  28. VLYtube says:


  29. dunnoonto says:

    I loved this shit with a passion

  30. myworld11ify says:

    GOTTA get me sum

  31. Sylvia Waggoner says:


  32. bill jones says:

    I smoked this stuff several times and only a light buzz – What’s ur
    strongest blend

  33. jfaust7819 says:

    bulk sachet dt cm

  34. YT Stock says:

    interesting video, checking out the website soon.


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